Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still behind

Well, I am still behind but trying to catch up. Maggie turned 5 this month, thankfully her party is not for another two weeks so I still have time to finish up the various projects that will be her presents. I am doing my version of fall cleaning, which means getting rid of the stuff that we have accumulated over the summer. I started yesterday and have two giant trashbags of clothes to take to the resale shop already. I have fallen behind on my shearing schedule, started my bun cass last week and she is still sitting in the cage half done. Reorganized my wool stash and have a bunch that I need to get posted to the shop. On a good note the kittens we took in are doing well, growing bigger every day and getting into everything. Litterbox training is going well. I haven't felt very interesting lately. I guess that explains the lack of posts. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that nothing gets done. Life just goes on and I can't seem to get back in the swing of things. Today is better, I have a mild sense of accomplishment and a giant cup of coffee.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Better Today

Maybe I am finally breaking out of the rut! Yesterday I canned some wonderful orange marmalade, Plucked my beloved Tigerlily (5 1/4 oz . and she's a tiny little English!), cleaned the house, finished my book, did some laundry, transplanted my 2nd crop of peas, weeded the garden, and various other things. Today is wide open, though it is still raining! I really need to sit down and get some knitting done, and my kids could use a bath. Maybe I'll find time to groom another rabbit. Or post some of the lbs. of angora covering my kitchen table onto etsy so that we can eat there again.
We decided to start "doing school" after maggies birthday, in fact, it is one of her birthday gifts. I think it's awesome to start out very year thinking of it as a gift. But, I realized that I had this silly idea that we should all start getting up earlier in preparation (keep in mind that my children do NOT get up before 9 am) so for the last week I have been trying to drag myself out of bed earlier and earlier telling myself that it was so that when we started "school" we could start early. Then this morning it hit me. We as a family are night owls. We are not morning people. I tried to wake maggie up at 8:30 this morning and it was most unpleasant. So my epiphany was hey, didn't we decide to homeschool to break free of all those things?!? I realized what a gift that kind of freedom is! Instead of forcing all of us into an unatural schedule with hours of groggy, unfriendly waking up time I can just do things on our normal schedule. I don't have any set hours which means that if we want to start school at 4 in the afternoon we can. If we want to do it at 11 in the morning, we can. Then that makes me realize what an adventure we are about to embark upon! The world is wide open, we can learn what we want, when we want, how we want!
Life is good. The kids are wonderful, the garden is bountiful, the husband is agreeable, and the bunnies are wool producing machines! Now, if I could only get the house to come to some sort of agreement about it's level of cleanliness.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

lazy end of summer

Still being lazy. I have on fingerless glove for maggies birthday on the 20th halfway finished. I have an assortment of other projects in similar stages of completion. I've gotten my 2nd crop halfway planted, but I am still waiting on a few packets of seeds to come in the mail. My 2nd crop of tomatoes has it's first green ones. The neighbor kids brought me a litter of kittens that they had found under the dumpster and after walking around the neighborhood with a mewing kitten I found momma and lured her back to my house. So now we are dealing with little kitty terrorists....pooping on the floor, attacking anything that moves, just being babies. They are so cute but I can't wait to get them fixed and find them homes. Today I will be canning some orange marmalade and hopefully plucking tigerlily and maybe spending some time catching up on all the things that I have been letting slide. It's damp and rainy and this kind of weather doesn't make me want to jump up and do things. The other day I turned one whole side of the overflowing compost bins. the very bottom was finished so I shoveled it into a barrel and turned the rest back into the bin. I had planned on shoveling out the other side but it has rained for the last two days so I don't see that happening until it dries up again. Phinny is 7 months old and into everything, he has started pulling himself up to standing and he crawls everywhere.
We are once again without a vehicle, the van was totaled a few weeks ago and we don't all fit into the truck so I have not left the house for quite a while. The jefferson county freecycle program is getting started, as is handspun with love, we have picked up some volunteers but we still need more. I'm not especially inspired lately, just tired and lazy.