Wednesday, March 31, 2010

and more

Lost one of my girls today, same mysterious swollen spot and sudden death. Pulled every cage out of the shed, scrubbed every inch of it, put husband on a ladder to get down any webs, searched for holes and cracks, checked screens for holes, disposed of current bale of hay, cleaned and scrubbed the cages individually, I think it might have been a wasp or something ( are rabbits allergic to wasp stings????), found a small nest/hive thing on the porch right by the door and now it is gone.

I just hope that we killed or removed whatever it was, I don't think that I can handle loosing another one of my fur babies. This month has been a hard one.

My glasses seem to be holding together this time, won't be able to get a new pair until... well, eventually I'll get a new pair.

My little darlings somehow broke (or otherwise it magically broke on it's own) the mouse pad on my laptop so I had to go out and buy a new mouse (after a major meltdown)

soooo have had laptop six 1/2 months and so far it's keyboard has stopped working properly, it's screen has been shattered (it's now hooked up to my other monitor), and the mouse thingy no longer works.

My husband shattered a crock on the porch this morning and I promptly sliced my foot on it, then when I went to yank out the chunk in my foot I cut my finger. Yes, this is getting somewhat comical. I could go on, there's actually more but really, I don't even want to think about it.

On a good note, while out and about we drove past a christian resale shop and to my amazement I saw a human powered push mower sitting right out front. I had to stop but I didn't really have any money, was down to my last $10 before we got the next paycheck but still, I had to stop and look. I've wanted one soooo bad for at least the last year. I made the husband go and look, knowing that he would come back and tell me how much it cost and we would drive away but there was no price tag on it and I guess he felt sorry for me because he went in to ask about it and the man followed him out and they talked and then husband came over to the van and tells me, that it's a donation. and I'm like, what? and he explains that the wonderful person who donated it just requested that the person who took it made a donation to the church's childrens charity. Well, we needed $5 in gas to get home so I scoured the van for change and donated $5 plus all the change that I could find and brought home an awesome new mower. we stopped in at his uncles on the way home and replaced the missing bolts and then we oiled all the moving parts once we got home and it's so awesome!
One of the neighbors came over to check it out with her kids and they were so interested in it everyone wanted to try it and soon enough my whole back yard had been mowed! Everyone thought that it was so neat, even the husband is converted.
now, I know what one of those mowers actually cost new so I'm thinking that we are going to sell our old gas guzzling beast of a mower and then I'm going to go up there and put half of what we get for it in that donation box

Anyway, that was my bright spot in a long month of horrible, I'm really hoping that it's a sign that the coming month will be better.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

catching my breath

Well, the keyboard is still messed up and it's my laptop so I'm not sure what is going on there, but no one has thrown up for two whole days and I am halfway through the laundry pile. Getting my now very late angora of the month clubs done and ready to ship on monday (barring anyother catastrophes.
Paid $450 to get the van fixed and it seems better now, but I guess after spending that much it had better be!

and I got my potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and a few other things in the ground finally!

Off to bed with me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

looking up

Well, the internet has been paid enough to stay on for another week, the bank issue has been resolved in a mostly satisfactory way (even if I did have to resort to tears), and no one else has died on me so maybe things will start getting better.
My mother in law has gotten me a beautiful new rug so that our floor is not just plywood anymore.
My computer keys are still acting funny, though shutting off the computer and then turning it back on really seems to make it better for short amounts of time.

Off to make the kids lunch and then tackle the mounds of vomit covered laundry that four puking kids have created, I estimate about 15 loads, minimum.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It gets worse

Last night one of my german hybrid bucks died. Vince brought him in after dinner with what appeared to be a sting or insect bite on his left upper lip and I stayed up until 4 am trying to keep him going but he appears to have had a severe allergic reaction to the bite.

My keyboard is barely functioning, I can't figure out what happened or why but it is really difficult to type and the keys are not functioning properly.

My bank has charged me a huge overdraft fee when I had a positive balance and now I have to go attempt to straighten it out.

My internet will be shut off tomorrow if I cannot straighten out this bank thing.

I'm down and still being kicked. The husband ate my sausage this morning, right off of my plate and I almost cried.

wow, thinking about digging a hole to hide in right now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Surrender

That's it. 3 of 4 kids are throwing up. This means that we are under strict stomach flu protocal. Rule #1 no dehydration, lots of fluids. Rule #2 Do not puke on mommy (no matter what else that means you will be puking on) Rule #3 Do not put your bucket down for any reason (not for hugs, bathroom breaks, eating, nothing)
Those are the stomach flu rules. My stomach has a hair trigger and they've all learned that if they're not careful we'll be cleaning up my mess to go along with theirs. Now we all know that if they're sick it's only a matter of time until I get sick too. Not Good. I had thought that somewhere along the line I would get better at this part but it still hasn't happened.
Gosh, I really can't imagine what else could go wrong this month, but I'm sure that I'll regret saying that soon.


It has been such a hectic month. You know, the kind of month that kicks you in the teeth over and over again so that you finally get to the point that you know that something good has to be headed your way??
I'm still waiting, but I'm hopeful.

As of tonight I am caught up on 99% of the computer stuff. All packages are shipped, most emails, convos, and other communications have been answered, excepting my angora clubs. I've gotten a few rabbits sheared but have more to do before I can send everything out.

Hopefully I will get to it all tomorrow.

This month started out with my little man Cassius getting pneumonia, then he had an allergic reaction to the penicillian, and shortly after we started to recover from that my darling husband stepped on my glasses and smashed them into three peices..... so I'm pretty much blind right now, can't see well enough to do very much on my own, though they are currently drying from my third attempt at repair. This time I've used superglue as before but added tiny bits of toliet paper to help the bond and tape to hold them together until the glue is good and dry. Possibly this might work which means I might be functioning at above 50% as early as tomorrow.
I hope so, there's a feeling of helplessness and nakedness that comes with the loss of my glasses. My eyes are getting worse every year and I worry that I will be blind by the time I'm in my 50's. Deep fear.

For now I'm trying to be happy with what I do have. I have beautiful children and a bountiful wool room. My bunnies are healthy and for the most part so are we. I have adequate garden space, some of which is already planted. and some days, I have my sanity.