Sunday, January 31, 2010

A few more Testers Needed

I am looking for a few new testers for bath and body products.
For this you need to be able to give dead honest opinions and thoughts about the products you will be trying and have no serious allergies.
For more info just email me at

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today I am shearing. Trying to get caught up and get the last of Jan.'s bunnies done so that I can start on Feb.'s bunnies. It never fails to amaze me how something so huge and fluffy can go to something so little and scrawny.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Boys for Sale!

I've just posted a few boys for sale on my sale page. 1 Satin Buck and 3 English Bucks. Transport may be available. Please email me for more details at

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Dunes

Well, for some reason I thought that it would be a good idea to help chaperone an overnight pool party at a hotel for 12 kids on Saturday. Just my cousin in law Brenda and I with a large group of unruly children.... Didn't get to sleep until 5 am and I swear I am still worn out. But on the way home we were driving by the dunes and we figured that since we were in the area we would go for a little hike. 2 mile hike on 3 hours of sleep might not have been the best of ideas but the kids had a blast and I am still in love with the beauty of the dunes. Can't wait until summer when we can play in the water.

Finally Catching Up!

Just finished a small update in the spindies shop and now I'm getting ready to start on the etsy shop

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cage Building.... Bah Humbug!

Building cages for the rescue bunnies today, right now the husband has taken over cutting wire for the roof so I get a break. We are using recycled wire so luckily my only expenses were j-clips, tools, and time. The bunnies are settling in pretty well and most of the matts are off.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Did it again

Went on a rescue mission tonight and brought home three boys. They appear to be English or English Crosses. One has a dropped ear and the other has two completely floppy ears, the last one seems normal. I've been cutting off the worst of the matts since I got home and though it will be alot of work to get them in good condition again it makes me smile to think that they can now move thier tail freely (they were totally matted to their backs) and stand comfortably now that their feet aren't covered in rock hard matts. I've also finished with the worst around legs and necks so that they can actually start to move like rabbits again. Hopefully will finish completely tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Cold

Well I finally did it and caved to the cold. Still waiting to finish rebuilding cages before I install the automatic watering system and changing frozen water bottles 2-3 times a day, having to keep newly sheared bunnies inside for a week or two even w/ their coats on, and practically freezing to death every time I went out to check on them got to be too much so I went and bought the feared heater for the bunny shed. I've been so afraid of putting a heater in there. It would kill me if it caught fire, however I've already lost a litter to the cold and I have four rabbit due to be sheared this month and as much as I'd like to they can't all live inside until their wool comes back. So I bit the bullet and made a stand in the middle of the shed and put the heater in. Again I am thankful that I insisted on putting the shed where it is. It is on the back side of the house with about a foot of space in between the outer wall of the shed and our house. On the other side of the wall, inside the house is our bed. I sleep against the wall and I can hear every little thump. I can hear a waterbottle falling off of a cage at 2 am and while the husband isn't always thrilled about my "that thumping sounds funny, we need to check them" obsessivness I am once again thankfull that they are so close because of course, before we put the heater in we installed a super sensitive extra loud smoke alarm at the same level as the heater and against the wall near my bed. We also spent about 45 min running the heater in the house to see how hot it got and once it was going hot dropped and threw bits of fuzz and hay at it in various ways to see just what would happen. Mostly nothing though one lucky toss did manage to get some angora into it and onto the heating part, it just kind of sizzled a bit until it was gone, not even any smoke and def. not any sparks or flames. Still, I am a bit nervous about it and I wouldn't leave it running unless I was home. So though I am anxiously checking them more often that before they are now warm and cozy and seem much happier.
On a less stressful note both passion (satin) and marigold (english) are in the house in their maternity suites hopefully getting ready to gift me with some beautiful babies. I am about 75% sure that marigold is not pregnant, but I brought her in anyway because I would rather be safe than sorry. Passion on the other hand I'm pretty sure she is, though I've never been very good at feeling for bunny babies unless they're actually jumping around in there.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The newest bunny adition

Look how cute she is! Still working on names