Monday, January 12, 2009

When everything clicks

Some days, everything just clicks. A few weeks ago we were given a six month old weimaraner pup, We named him Opus and proceded to treat his health issues and deal with the housebreaking issue. Today is day 9 with no accidents in the house and I am willing to call him housebroken! I had originally planned on getting him healthy and housebroken and finding him a good home but he bonded with me so quickly that I just fell in love. Virgil wasn't exactly pleased, he is a grumpy old man of 7 years and generally doesn't love other dogs that don't fall into the break them if you step on them category. Needless to say having Opus is like having another 2 year old in the house and it has taken some adjustment. Yesterday my mother in law came and got the terrorists giving me a much needed break and I got the house cleaned and the laundry caught up and all those little things that usually don't get done because I am too busy. Today I woke up and checked on my babies and all are healthy and well, Then I installed the Evan's software on my computer and spent a decent chunk of time inputting wool production records and pedigrees and such and if it is possible to be in love with a computer program I think that I must be! Today just went so well, one thing after another falling into place. I cleaned out the whole nursery cage and replaced the majority of the nestbox materials for the little ones in preparation for them opening their eyes which will happen sometime in the next five days or so. I got a ton of stuff done and now I am sitting here with a clean house and sleeping children and I am so happy, just when I think that it can't get any better I walk into the living room and sitting in my spot are the boys. I think that I can stop worrying about wether or not virgil will be able to accept a new dog. They look pretty comfortable and it just made my day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

All is well

My babies are growing like crazy, my little runt is still alive and fighting. We are doing a special feeding in the AM just for him and it seems to be helping. I will be very happy if they all make it. I can't wait until thier eyes open and I know whether they are boys or girls! I am already brainstorming on names and thinking about who I might keep. At least two of the brokens will stay but I don't know who yet. I have such a hard time choosing to get rid of my babies but I only have six open cages right now and I was hoping to pick up a new English buck and a few other buns along the way. But then again, I do have some cage plans and I could always just build a few more cages......
Almost forgot to mention, I am taking individual pictures of the wee ones every two days or so, so that you can watch them grow with me! Just posted new ones today

Monday, January 5, 2009


Posting pictures of the little ones as I type! You can see them on this page

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Babies are Here!!!

Woke up this morning to a litter of 7 beautiful, perfect little French Angora babies! Oh, they are so awesome. They have the most perfect tiny little whiskers and toes. There are two that I think will be broken black, one that will be broken something else, two that are darker, and two that are lighter. Colors could be anything except agouti I think. So excited! and Cass seems like a good momma, made a nice nest, pulled wool, babies have fat tummies... What a wonderful way to start my day, I am having such a hard time leaving them alone, I just want to hold them, It's been much too long since I have had babies.