Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today is better. Sometimes I let things get a little out of perspective and I start to freak out a bit more than I should. Being a mom, and a wife, and a person is hard. Being someone who isn't exactly mainstream is a bit harder and I am often so driven that I start to loose track of things.
I've been very introspective lately, whic is odd in itself because usually I'm so busy with kids and fiber stuff that I don't have a chance. I am constantly amazed that I have become that person who says things like "In Bed!" or "Don't look at me in that tone of voice!" . That I am someone who can create something as wonderful as yarn (which is much more... important than some might think) or children (also, very important :)
That I am so young and still so old, all of these things, and where my life has taken me are a source of wonder and it gets overwhelming sometimes.
I think that I will go and spin, and contemplate, and think happy peaceful thoughts. The kids are in bed and the husband has offered to feed the rabbits.

Friday, February 26, 2010

We all have bad days

today is a bad day. I am feeling burnt out as a parent, a teacher, and an artist. I look around and I am overwhelmed. We are broke, my children are misbehaving in ways that are beyond the normal range (at least in my mind) and my "office" behind the couch has turned into a sorry mess of bags and boxes of wool with no sense of order or hope of finding what I need. My box of stuff needing to be dyed and/or carded is overflowing, I have a basket of unfinished yarns, and the list goes on.

Wow. I don't usually let it get to me but today, I just wish I could go back to bed and sleep until someone fixes it. I have wool block (figurativly speaking). It's funny how most days I get through by thinking of my larger goals and telling myself that if I don't finish something that day I will get to it tomorrow and then some days like today it all seems so far away.
This comes on the heels of realizing that this might not be the year we get to put a down payment of a nice chunk of land. Instead we will be buying a new stove and fixing whatever it is that has gone wrong with our van. It's a big setback and it's hard to swallow. I'm so desperate for change, to be out of this tiny house, to have someone willing to babysit, to have well behaved children, to have time to sit down and enjoy myself for more than 5 min without something falling behind.

I think today we will go to the park and try to take a break. Maybe tomorrow it won't all seem so bad.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a week

Well this week we learned that rabbit shows aren't so bad, That ivomec won't kill a child (but it will make you wish he was potty trained), and that when you fall behind even a little bit it will take at least twice that amount of time to fully catch up.

Today started out really horribly, when I was attempting to pack orders and the husband was napping someone stole a pack of chocolate pudding and a cup of water and when I went in to check on them they had made chocolate pudding paint and covered most of a bedroom with it....
Which interrupted maggies game of math blaster and caused a chain reaction of badness and punishment that kind of threw the whole day off.
By dinner time we were mostly back to normal and the husband and I were sitting in the living room eating and watching the kids at the table ( no more room at the table for us now) and just being in love with how wonderful they are I heard a funny noise. A kind of squeeking chirping noise. So I get up to go look and guess who's standing next to phinny's chair begging for butter beans?? Not the usuall suspects. Not the cat or the dog. Nope. It's Charlene. Charlene is a guinea pig and often she is let out to have a little stroll around the house by the kids and then left for a bit longer until suddenly I'm sitting on the couch and something bites my toes. Charlene likes toes (or maybe she doesn't like them). but today our fat little piggyness was sitting there begging just like a tiny fat little dog. Too cute. She's the kind of pig that has no fear. Not of cats or kids or bunnies or anything else that I can tell.
Oh well, I'm tired. What a week it's been.

Friday, February 19, 2010

title here....

Today I actually accomplished something! I shoveled out both compost bins, 12 wheelbarrow loads full and then flipped what wasn't done cooking yet and then the husband changed all of the rabbit cages.
Then I brought in every single one of my girls and groomed, did toenails, and ivomec.
Tomorrow I will (hopefully) get to the boys.
Then I came in and bathed two of the kids. Now I am covered in bunny fuzz and badly in need of a shower but I did get something noticably done.
Of course, that means that I didn't do anything done in the house today but still.
Sunday is the peoria show! Will be there with bunnies to show and some for sale.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I am so sick that I want to curl up and die. Of course, as usually for some unknown reason no one in my house is able to do anything without my help. I swear they are not usually this helpless but the second I can't handle everything it all falls apart. It's ridiculous and it makes me angry and being angry and sick at the same time is worse than just being sick.
Everytime I start to feel better and get my hopes up it comes back worse the next day. Oh I hurt and I'm tired and my stomach, my stomach obviously does not want to be associated with my body anymore.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The first round of breeding has been completed, but we are still accepting on our waiting list.
We have had two litters of English (both fully reserved) and 1 litter of satin (there are still some available).

In april we will start round two of our planned breedings for this year.
We have planned
a litter of German Hybrid (76.75% German) that should have alot of color and awesome density.

1-2 litters of french, our breeding buck this year throws sables, seals, brokens, and other wonderful color variations so it should be a real rainbow of french babies.

1 Litter of English from a fawn doe and choc. tort buck

Possibly a litter of satins carrying fawn.

To be put on a future waiting list please email me at and let me know if there is a specific color of breed that you are looking for.
You will then be notified of babies available and given first pick according to your place on the list and what you are looking for.

Monday, February 8, 2010

buckling down

Today is catch up day. My printer is out of ink and the husband got called into work so I can't go get ink and ship today as I had planned. So Instead I am trying to knock of some of my to do list.
I've so far gotten my desk clean. 3 hours. Wow. but I did finish ripping up all of the carpet in my living room except for what my desk is siting on. In a moment I am going to take this huge pile of fibers and start spinning. I want to finish two yarns today minimum. Then I'm going to tackle the scary pile of boxes of fiber next to the desk waiting to be sorted. and then...... Hmm, that's where the to do list gets a bit overwhelming. But either way, I am going to accomplish something today.
I guess blogging doesn't really count as an accomplishment, not in the clean house, clean children, well organized fiber stuff sort of way that the husband seems to think that I am capable of.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The polls are open!

come on over and vote for your favorite yarn from the Fluffington Farms Spin Along!
Please only vote once, the polls close on the 11th at midnight.

Also pictures of the new babies are up on the meet the buns page.


As some of you might know, Natchwoolie (brenda) has suffereed a terrible loss. All of us in the fiber community are hurting for her, and to help see her through this difficult time Spindies is auctioning off some wonderful benefit fiber with all the proceeds going towards her support. Please come check it out, place your bid, show some love.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A day of birth and death

This morning my beautiful mr. blue died. my husband went out to check on everyone this morning since it was cold and snowy and he brought him in because he wasn't acting right. After two hours he died in my arms and I am heartbroken. Not sure what went wrong, he didn't touch his food or water last night but before that he was his usual perky piggy self.
After it was over I got up and washed my hands and went in to do a check on my preggo's and tigerlily was having her litter. As My blue boy went out of this world her new babies were coming into it. Now usually new babies would have me jumping up and down excited but today, it's just not the same. So we have the babies I have been waiting for, finally. But my boy is gone.
What a horrible day.