Sunday, June 29, 2008


Oh, Have I been lazy lately! Took the kids to grandma's and have done nothing since! I've still got the two littlest ones but they are quiet and happy to read books and color with me all day. We haven't gone anywhere or talked to anyone.... or gotten any shop updates done, but it's so nice just to take a break. I did get some more wool and angora dyed up and tommorrow I am planning on getting some more roving dyed. My computer is not liking me lately so I am having problems uploading pictures here and on Etsy. I have kind of started a new project, I am in the process of sanding down an old desk, it will be painted and then decoupaged and it's just going to be awesome, so good that I don't know if I will sell it. Either way I am going to have to find a chair to match it and figure out how exactly I want to do it. I am thinking on a few different ideas. It's nice to get back to my first crafty love (furniture) It's something that I haven't had the time or ambition for in a long time, I still have that amazing vintage chair in my bathroom just waiting to be reupholstered but I can't decide what color and there are sooo many buttons on it, I think It will be in it's ugly but beautiful pinkness for a while longer.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alpaca Field Trip

Today we went on a little field trip, I got my fiber fix for the week and some alpaca love too! Just 15 minutes down the road from me in Dittmer, Mo Big River Alpacas has alpacas of every size and color. We had so much fun, they are so beautiful and exotic, my girls got to pet them and they were very sweet and well behaved. Nothing that I love more than to not only get my fiber locally, but to also see how well cared for and loved the creatures providing my fiber are. My mind is made up, I must have alpacas! Not right now but , but as soon as we get a bigger chunk of property. I can only hope that Lisa will still be around when I am ready to bring
home a few of these sweeties. I took pictures and petted to my hearts content and then I got to bring home some more fiber, this time more suited to needle felting which is the next thing I am going to teach myself to do. I was once again impressed with the size and good temperaments of LGD's. They have both Great Pyrenees and Maremma and they are such wonderful dogs! All and all I would definitely recommend getting your alpaca fiber here and if you are close enough make time to go pick it up and visit for a while, you'll fall in love.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alpaca and other things

I got some alpaca from a really wonderful woman in dittmer the other day, very pleased with both the alpaca and the price! I love alpaca! Anyway, I've gotten everyone plucked or sheared except for two of the babies and they are getting done as soon as I get the chance, I've been so addicted to etsy lately I haven't been doing much else, I even have it as my start up page! I have been busy in the garden though. Picking peas and lettuce and spinach, using herbs with everything, anxiously watching the beans and peppers and tomatoes for ripeness, pulling weeds, and showing the trees in my flower beds who's the boss! Oh, yeah I was featured on someones blog!!!! So excited! here's the link

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The New and Improved Bunny Love Shack!!!!!

I'm so excited! The new bunny shed is here and all of the buns are safe and snug inside. Here is a picture of the new shed, I would show a picture of the old one but it was such an embarrassment i'd rather not! I have been really sick with a sinus thing and i'm still a little dizzy today, but much better overall. I've been very busy I've sheared 5 buns in the last two days because even with air conditioning the shed isn't fully insulated yet and they looked hot so I figured I would shave them all and this october when they are ready again whoever doesn't produce up to my expectations is going to be sold as pet quality and I will get to buy some better stock to replace them. I am making some huge cuts right now in the herd as it is so if you see someone you ike now is the time to let me know, I will do package deals and everyone's price is discounted. I have been busy dying wool like crazy (even doing the angora)and listing it to my shop, I figure I'll dye up everything that I have washed and then when it's all done and posted I will start washing some more. I am sooo busy, spinning and dyeing and knitting on the loom, I am stockpiling stuff for fall soft angora winter wear and lots of other stuff. oh well, I am tired. more later.