Friday, March 27, 2009

So much

I have so much to do! Today I am repotting seedlings, some of which I am going to be offering for sale though I am still a bit nervous about shipping even after talking to the post office people about the best ways to ship. I am going to be dyeing up a ton of wool today and maybe experimenting with bamboo too and maybe if there's time I will make some new art yarn rovings. Today has an awesome start, I feel very ambitious. Tomorrow I am going to meet a woman about a horse, if all works out I will be riding for her a bit and I am really excited if a little nervous. I realize that I have not ridden in a ring in quite some time, mostly because my buddy finds it mind numbing and turns into a rodeo horse after about 10 min. which usually results in our having to run hills for at least an hour before he becomes managable again. So now I am worried about how sloppy I might have gotten and wishing that I had gotten a chance to get up there to ride a few times this week. I would feel better about things if I had. I always have liked the horses with a few issues, the ones that no one else wants to mess with and those type of horses have found me throughout my life and provided hours of intense thought on problem solving, even more hours of intense riding time, and not just a few injuries. I know that it will all be fine, but I am still so nervous to be meeting someone new! So today I will throw myself into work and hopefully deal with it so that tomorrow will be okay.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I got my Box!!

Well, after a really horrible week I got my phat fiber box today! It is full of nothing but awesomeness, like x-mas in a box! Two of my teenage neighbors were there with me to open it and though they have no real interest in fiber they were amazed. It really is that good!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Been a While

It's been a while since I last posted. Right now my life has gotten very complicated and it is a struggle just to maintain. My little man has had a seizure and we do not know why. He is going to see a specialist on the 25th but this waiting to find out is killing me. I started spinning again last night and finished a very pretty yarn. As stressed as I am I didn't want to touch the wheel but it has been exactly the soothing that I need. Will try to post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting it done

Well today I finally broke into some of the brown crossbreed fleeces I have been saving. I decided to try a new technique for washing that I saw somewhere to keep the locks all nice and orderly. I have taken little bundles of fleece, made sure that it is all facing the same way and tie it up all neat. So far it is going well and I am really happy with how little vm this fleece has and the awesome crimp. I plan on spinning some of it and maybe if I can bear to part with any of it, selling some once it's washed too. I have posted a bunch of new stuff to the shop and if I can get around to taking some more pictures have lots more to come! I am feeling really ambitious today! I think it's the awesome weather we are having, it's warm enough today for open windows! My little ones are being angels today, cuddly and sweet. My little man has spent most of the day being held by me and I'm tempted to dig out the sling and see if he minds it because I just don't want to put him down. Maggie and I are working on making a drum together, right now we are waiting for the paint to dry and she is trying to teach amadea to write her alphabet, which is amusing to watch at least. My Magdalena is such a boss! Sometimes I just look at her and cannot believe that she just said what she said how she said it! But I think all of them take a bit more after me than I might have liked.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Great Garden of '09

Today I transplanted a ton of seedlings into their second pots and planted a 2nd round. The garden is going to be awesome this year! I made about a million paper pots and mixed compost and topsoil until my kitchen floor was covered in dirt. Now I am hoping to have tomatoes in may! Other than plant stuff I haven't gotten much done, right now I am going through and checking to see what seeds I have tons extra of and putting them on etsy. 99% of my seeds are heirlooms that I have been saving for years, every year I try a few new varieties but I have alot that were passed down from friends or grandparents. I like to think that my girls will grow up and have gardens and grow them too and remember where they came from as they watch those perfect tomatoes ripen and grow. I am off to bed, it's been another long day....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Officially Phat!

Well today I bandaged up the fingers so that I could get some work done. It stil hurts and I have some amazingly huge blisters ( I know, gross) but I am coping. I have finally finished my phat fiber contributions!!! Yea me! I had meant to take more pictures but honestly I put so much work into them that by the time I was done I just wanted to put them in the box to be done with it. I am exhausted, spun two yarns today and got a bunch of other things done too on top of the last of the phat stuff. It's been a long day. I am saving things up for a huge March update so that when the phat boxes come out my shop won't be empty. So far I have two art yarn rovings and four handspuns done plus fiber in natural colors and I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff dyed up in the next few days. Then I will start updating like crazy! The husband has grudgingly pitched in, sanding yarn sticks for me and keeping me (mostly) sane. I really do like working this hard. It's so awesome to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and luckily my yarn does not unspin itself in the way that the house seems to unclean itself. Oh well, I am off to take a nice long soak in some of my bath salts and try to relax...