Thursday, February 28, 2008

Handspun with Love

There is a new page explaining about our little "Handspun with Love" project, you can click on the link in my sidebar to go see it and to get to the photo journal for the project.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Overwhelming Newness

I am typing this from my new-used computer...I got a power Mac G4, now I know next to nothing about computers so I picked this one (now don't laugh) for three reasons, 1st it was THE prettiest computer on craigslist, 2nd it was in my price range, and 3rd the really nice person who sold it to me was willing to take the time and show me how to transfer my files and give me a walk through on how a mac is different from a pc. I'm still working out the kinks, but it is going well, today after having a tear filled mini nervous breakdown I realized that it HAD come with manuals so I started reading them and low and behold, most of the things that I was having a hard time figuring out were right in there! To add to the list of new stuff I did go out and buy that sewing machine, it is still in the box, on my coffee table with patterns and fabric to make pajama pants for the whole family, I figure I should probably figure out the computer before I get going on another new project. AND today we went and bought a new digital camera so that I can take better pictures of my bunnies and other assorted things, It's charging right now but in about an hour or so I will be going crazy taking pictures of everything available. All is well, counting down the days until the lovely Lilah B. has her babies. She is due on the 9th of March but she usually goes a couple of days early. I love baby bunnies! All for now.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wonderful Wool

The other day a wonderful woman sold me a little over 20lbs of unprocessed wool for the very low price of $15, It's dirty, and has been sitting forever but it's usable. I am taking pictures as I go, through each stage of processing it, If all goes well this wool is going to be the start of the Handmade with Love project that I am working on, which helps needy families have gloves, hats, and scarves for the winter season. But that's a whole 'nother post. Anyway, this is decent enough wool, not counting that someone kept thier sheep where there where a whole lot of pine trees. I am so excited, I have never processed wool from scratch before so this is a learning experience for me. I just can't wait to start spinning it, I spend the first part of every day now cleaning the house and washing fleece. I can only do small batches at a time because my washer is front loading so I am stuck with the sink but so far all is going well. Waiting for my favorite fiber site to update so I can buy myself some more goodies! AND in a little bit I am going up to walmart to buy a new sewing machine! yes, that's right 25 I have finally decided to teach myslef to sew....a little embarassing that I don't yet know how but this is the year, no more saying oh, i'll do it sometime, I'm going to go buy it and some patterns and just start sewing! It's funny, I find that the more that I heap upon myself the happier I am. All the bunnies are doing well, Daisy seems depressed about her baby but I can't blame her, so am I. Thinking about breeding Sweetie, not sure if I want to deal with two litters at once...I'll have to think about it for a while.


I lost a baby bunny today, This morning I found him out of the nest and really, really cold....I tried for three hours to save him, he stopped breathing four times and each time I rubbed and rubbed and got him breathing again but the last time was just too much.....I am so dissapointed. It's so hard to lose a little one, I know that it happens and I suppose I shouldn't take it so hard but I do. Poor little guy, he was only two days old. I tried so hard...

This Computer......absolute crap

Well, I have been working hard on updates all day long, and I have come to the realization that my computer is getting worse and worse. I am now looking at used computers, because being frugal I cannot justify paying $1000 or more for a new mac (which is what I want) soooo even though I have heard time and time again that buying a used computer is just buying someone else's problems I am searching for a slightly less crappy problem box with an internet connection. On a more positive note, I got tons of spinning done this evening while I sat and waited for my computer to unfreeze from the multiple issues it has been having all day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yes, she was

Last night at 10:30 after having built her nest and plucked a fair amount of wool I noticed Miss Daisy sitting in her nest, at 10:47 she had her baby, it is only one but a perfect one all the same. Looks like it may be a harlequin, though it's too soon to tell. She is a good momma, sitting on the nest almost constantly since he was born, usually rabbits have very little to do with thier babies other than feeding once or twice a day, but Daisy seems to know that her single baby could get cold and die easily so I am thinking that is why she is sitting there, to keep him warm. I'm thrilled that she was pregnant and happy to have any amount of healthy babies butI really wish that she had more than one, the survival rate of just one can be sketchy just because there are no other bunnies to help generate body heat.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maybe she is!!!

And my day just keeps getting better!!! Last month I bred Daisy to Einstien, the other day on trying to feel her tummy for babies I didn't think that I felt any, but I have been wrong before so I put her into a flat plastic bottomed cage with all the hay to make a nest and everything, just in case. She was due on the 18th and when no babies, or nest making activity, or anything else happened I wasn't too surprised, but today she is definitly engaging in nest building activities!!! Now I am surprised! This is awesome, now i won't have to re-breed and I will have baby bunnies again! I love baby bunnies! It's a good thing too because I was planning on rebreeding her in the next few days. But it seems now as if I will not have to. Yea Einstien! See, he's figuring it out. It's just taken him a while.

The Return of Creativity

Looking at other peoples pages and finally having phinneas (the 23rd of Jan. 9 lbs. 8oz.) I am starting to feel like myself again. I am working on numerous craft projects, acumulating an admirable amount of fiber in various stages of preparation, working more with the bunnies, you name it I am trying to get it done. Sooooo, in that vein, I am going to be totally overhauling the website, stupid earthlink has a limit on content of my page and such so that means I cannot post the pictures like I want to and all sorts of other things so I am starting to stumble through and find a solution between blogspot and flickr and earthlink that will better serve my needs. It might take a while but it will be done! Some of the projects I am working on are basketry from recycled things, learning to crochet, and lots more handspinning! I am working to get a stockpile of things to open my etsy store so that I can sell some of my wonderful yarn and other things, And, I have found some wonderful peopleto trade my angora for other fibers with. Life is good. On the bunny aspect of things Lilah B. and Einstien are expecting a litter around the 9th of March and I will be re-breeding Miss Daisy either to Einstien or to Floppins in the next few days. I have two babies for sale from a December litter, a Pointed White doe, and the beloved Mr. Floppins. He is getting older now and his bloodlines don't really fit with what I am workng towards so it is time for him to go to a nice cushy pet/wooler home. I am working on plans to rebuild the bunny shack (complete with air-conditioning) and getting ready to buy some much needed new bunny equipment. I am also planning on hitting some fiber fairs this year and maybe pick up some new bunnies with some new bloodlines, I want more wool! more! more! 'Tis all for now. Keep checking on me, it's going to get better and better.