Thursday, December 20, 2007

my little one is here

my little one was born yesterday.5 days late. yes, all that waiting and she only had one baby. and then it almost died because she did not take care of it at all. didn't even clean it off! i tried to leave him with her but it just got worse with her trying to tear the nest apart and such, so now he is seperate from her and i am holding her down to feed him four times a day until he gets a little stronger. then it will go down to twice a day but right now he is so small, and he is having problems latching on properly. poor little thing, no brothers or sisters to cuddle with, no momma to give whatever bunny love that they may give. my other litter is much to big to put him in with, so he spends alot of time where he spent his first day when i found him cold and yucky and alone, down my shirt, nestled in my cleavage, where he is warm and safe. he sleeps in his nest at night and when i am gone or busy. right now he seems to have the hiccups, probably from all that air he sucks in when trying to eat. at least he's not dehydrating, he's still skinnier than i'd like but no signs of dehydration whatsoever so i think he'll be okay. he is a perfect little one, he looks a little overcooked and came out with more fur than i've ever seen on a little one but all in all he is very cute. he is orange with alot of smut. don't think he's harlequin, i'm thinking some kind of tort most likely. if it's a girl and nancy doesn't want it i will keep her and find miss bad momma a new home where she will not be bred. my other litter is starting to open thier eyes and they wont stay in the nest, all day i've watched poor rozie roll them back in whenever they climb out she is right there to push them with her nose until they are back where she wants them. if only all rabbits could be as awesome as her. did i mention that on top of being a horrible bad momma miss mella has turned kind of nasty on me? she keeps attacking me whenever i reach into her cage for anything and i have some nasty marks on my wrist from her now. oh well. tommorrow my friend and neighbor jessie is coming over so that i can give her a run through of rabbit duties in case i go into labor soon. it's mostly basic feeding and watering but i will have to show her how to hold mella down so that my miracle can eat and how to protect him if she kicks. thank god i have someone so close by who is willing to help me take care of these guys, otherwise i dont know what i would do.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


my babies from rozie are 7 days old today and i have to say they are absolute perfection. you just can't hold them and be unhappy. every little detail is perfect. they are complete miracles, better than baby kittens, better than puppies, better than anything. only a couple more days until they open thier eyes. they already look like real bunnies. perfect little miniature sleeping bunnies.if i set them on the floor they try to jump around and when i hold them the nibble on me looking for food. they make the most adorable little noises. i really have to restrain myself from holding them all day. i have limited it to three times a day for no more than 10 minutes at a time but i swear, once the eyes are open all bets are off! being giant, fat, and pregnant (especially so close to my due date) means that i am not moving around a whole lot, which means that sitting around all day cooing over baby bunnies is perfectly acceptable. the bunnies remind me to take pleasure in the simple things.

still no babies

she was due on the 13th, still no babies. i gave her a serious grooming at 1:30 today and i'm curious to see if maybe it will speed things up a bit, it did kind of stress her out but i wanted to make sure i got enough wool off of her in case she never does pull wool for a nest. it snowed last night a whole bunch and we took the kids out to play in it. then drank cocoa. i'm lazy. i have cooked breakfast and groomed a rabbit today. that's it. the freecycle program is over! yea! i'm glad to have helped but glad to be done. soooo tired all the time. 12 days until the baby is due! not ready for a baby! what was i thinking!?! yeah, i do so well with three kids keeping up on them and the house, and the animals, and such, why not have another one and see how that goes!?! oh well. here's hoping i have baby bunnies before today is over. i'm really trying not to worry or obsess. (it's not going well) so much i need to do, but i don't feel like it. oh well.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

not too much

not too much going on. waiting on carmella to have her litter, she is building a nest and she has milk in but she has not started pulling wool yet. with th freecycle xmas program wrapping up i will have more free time so i am going to meet someone that i met on the internet who also spins. i am a little nervous, but how bad can it be? i am really sore today, have been really cleaning the house the last couple of days and i guess it's finally catching up with me. i forget how huge i am, the baby makes me tired so easy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


today i have volunteer stuff to do, and then i get to have blood drawn. my baby bunnies are healthy and fat and i might have another litter due tommorrow, i'm having trouble feeling her babies and it's an unproven buck so i don't know if she's really pregnant or not but i'm hoping that she is. i need to get her set up with a nestbox this morning. i'd meant to do it before but then life gets in the way.

Monday, December 10, 2007

good day

well aside from still being sick today is allright. first i have three perfect baby bunnies, and then my four yeaqr old monster says the sweetest thing, she recently hacked off half of her pretty long blonde hair and this morning we were cuddling on the couch and i asked her about it, her response as to why she did it? she wanted it to look just like mine ( short blonde, stacked bob) because it's awesome. what can you say to that?!? i can't really be mad anymore, can i? so we decided that the next time she wanted a haircut she will tell me and we will go to someone who knows how to do that. then my 20 month old who we have been working on potty training for a while now has gone from being worse than a puppy, to at least going on the floor in front of the potty(last 3 days), to today, not a single accident so far. she comes and tells me she has to go! and follows me in when i go, and then claps and says yea! mommy go potty! life is good.


my babies were finally born last night!!! three perfect little miracles. i ws hoping for more but i'm still very happy. one is dark grey, one is pink, and one is mottled light grey and pink. if i had to guess i would say blue, fawn, and maybe blue tort. but that's just a guess. if the fawn is a doe i will keep her. i cleaned my bathroom yesterday, and that's a big thing because being this pregnant i haven't felt much like doing anything lately. scrubbed it from top to bottom except the floors. i still need to vaccume and carpet clean. maybe today i will try my bedroom.

Friday, December 7, 2007

still waiting

it's 4 pm and i am still waiting. on a good note i did notice a discharge and she is licking back there alot. her belly is shaved, her nest is ready, i would really like to see her babies. i wish there was some way i could just make her have them right now. i have done nothing today. just sat here and waited.


it's the 7th. and there are no baby bunnies. it's 10 am on the 7th and!!!!! i am sitting here watching her. just waiting for a sign that they are coming and nothing! and i am kind of worried because last night i came home and she had destroyed the nice little nest she had made. what if she knows something i dont? what if she tore up her nest because she miscarried, or had still born kits or something!?! i know that this is ridiculous and i don't care. she is grooming herself alot. i think i am making her nervous, staring at her like this. what is wrong with her that she can't be like my other bunnies and have a nice litter waiting for me when i wake up in the morning. i was supposed to go and get everyone haircuts today but if she doesn't have her litter before i go then we will reschedule. i am still sick anyway. my sinus thing has moved into my ear and i have a cough now too. i took in 7 cats yesterday to be fixed. and i took in 8 about a month and a half ago. i was trying to remember how many i have fixed this year. it's gotta be at least 30 this year alone. i realize that in my area at least, i am making an impact. if i keep going like this eventualy there will be no more strays around here. i will have to start expanding my search for strays and irresponsible people with pets that they have not altered and have allowed to get pregnant.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


oh i am sick! my rozie is acting really strange and has built a nest. she isn't due until the 7th but i wonder if they might come early with how she is acting. will try to trim her belly today. and maybe sterilize thier water bottles if i stop feeling dizzy. took a rescue dog back yesterday, she just wasn't working out and i'm kind of surprised because since she has been back she has been better behaved than she was before she left. it figures i get sick right at the beginning of my be less lazy mission. i swear i am going to start doing more and complaining less. lots of other moms before me had lots more to do than i do and they did it. there is no reason that i cannot keep everything running smoothly and still have time to do the things i love like spinning and making things. i really want to start making bread. like enough to where we dont have to buy it anymore. i need to get organized. i did manage to get the room ready so that when the baby comes amadea can go into sebastians room. all i have to do is hang the cieling fan. and then i have to fix the closet in maggies room and put up her new door and buy a door knob. then i have to hang another rack in my closet for the new baby and i will be pretty much ready. i still have to finalize my xmas treat baking list. today i will open up a notebook and get started. i do better if i write everything that i need to do down.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


a little bit about me. 25 married with two girls 4 and 20 month old, a 5 year old stepson, and a little boy on the way. i am due dec. 27th. i breed english angora rabbits and i do rescue. i have two dogs a black lab mix named virgil and a shih tzu named shu shu. i have two siamese cats named nana fat and mr. balls. right now i have a litter of kittens and a crazy momma cat that was a stray, and a female siamese mix that i took in and plan to get fixed on the 6th so that i can find them all homes. i am expecting a litter of baby bunnies on the 7th and can barely wait. i handspin my angora and if i had more time i would do lots of creative artsy stuf but right now the house, kids, animals, and preparing for our homeschooling adventure keeps me too busy to do much of anything else. that and i'm a little lazy.