Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little Giveaway!

Want to win 4 oz. of yummy 60% Alpaca/40% Milk Roving?? The day after the fluffington farms facebook page hits 500 likes we will be picking a random lucky comment from that page to get some fiber goodness. How to enter? Like the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fluffington-Farms/247749762029 and leave a comment about your favorite thing to spin, invite your fibery friends to like the page, for a 2nd entry you can join the ravelry group http://www.ravelry.com/groups/fluffington-farms and leave a 2nd comment on the facebook page letting me know.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting There and Surgery

Well I've gotten some things added to the destash page so don't forget to check it out! www.buymorefluff.blogspot.com

Now on to the surgery. I brought Cinna home in November. She is a beautiful loyal amazing little doxie who had the worst breath imaginable. I kinda figured that she was a super slick cat box raider. I was wrong. A few days ago she yelped when I touched her mouth, but she has a habit of yelping when a sudden movement or touch startles her so I didn't think anything of it but then the next day it happened again The kids were petting her and she yelped when someone touched around her mouth. Hmmm. Went and got the husband to hold her down so I could take a look and I see this. Not a very good picture but it's the inside of her mouth and that thing on the top is a stick. So we went and got our supplies, some antiseptic, tweezers, oragel, and a towel to wrap her in. I numbed it and went to work. It came out fairly easily but what surprised me (other than that the stick had obviously been in there for quite a while) is that the reason she was yelping was not the stick. Nope, one stick she could handle. But little miss jump in the chair to scout for leftovers must've snagged a hot wing at some point because behind the stick was a chicken bone wedged at a diagonal with one end stuck on the stick and the other sunk into her gums. The first picture shows the side of the stick that was stuck against the roof of her mouth and of course our bonus
item, the chicken bone. The second picture is the side of the stick that you could see when you opened her mouth and yes, the red stuff on the bone is where it had stabbed into her gums and lodged. So that was gross. But it's four days later and already her breath is better, she is more active, eating better, and all around happier.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How things change

It's funny, when I started this blog it was supposed to be about my rabbits, about my fiber, about shop happenings.. but really it's become much more personal than that and though it wasn't originally intended to be that way I'm glad it has.
There were periods of time that I haven't blogged, the strain of a growing family, financial woes, and the pure destruction that 5 or 6 kids bring with them have seemed too depressing to actually post about, especially on a blog intended to promote fiber-y goodness and such but I don't think that they are as separate as I'd once wished them to be. I am a fiber artist, I am a person struggling through life, a mom, a wife. I've made mistakes and grown through them. I've fallen down and had to pick up the pieces more than once. I am by no means perfect.
However, I'm still standing and though I've realized that while at this point in my life I just can't run a full blown fiber shop I just can't throw it all away either.
So. Where am I now? We're well settled into our house, the move did not go well but it we did make it through. We had a beautiful baby boy in July which brought our total up to 5 and now we are fostering an extra so currently we have 6. I still have my bunnies, even at the worst point I couldn't give them up, thought we are down to almost all satin angoras now, which I'm actually pretty pleased with, though I do sometimes miss my germans. Even at my worst I couldn't put away my wheel or carder so I've got an immense stash of yarn and batts and such that have been patiently waiting in their cedar lined closets to be loved. I've learned to really really knit, and kind of/sort of crochet. I've struggled with postpartum and the absolute crazy that has always come with the first three months of every single one of my pregnancies. And mostly I think we're all in a good place now. We still have bad days, the house is still in desperate need of an addition and it's horribly messy about five minutes after I finish cleaning it every day without fail but I think I'm finally getting to the point that I can deal with it. One benefit to being here in this house is that I can relax a little. It's a happy house. So this year is going to be about doing what I can with what I've got and putting the rest on a shelf to be dealt with at a later time. Here's hoping that this year will be better than the last.

It's almost here!

My fiber destash page is nearly ready! It will be here and I should have at least part of the list with pictures up by February.
I'm also hoping to be blogging more by then, I've missed it so much.