Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got a Treasury!!!

I made it! At 1 in the morning I finally got in and made a treasury! You can see it at

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One of Those Days

Oh, it's been one of those days! My little phinny is walking!!! and while I am excited, lately it's not been as much of a good thing as you'd think. Today for some reason he is in a horrible, no good, bad baby mood.... He has been alternating between gleefully finding new and inventive ways to wreak havok and screaming angrily at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. So I hold him and try to comfort him and nothing works, I get fustrated, I put him down and walk away for a moment, he gets up walks over to where I am and throws himself down at my feet screaming, I pick him up, he screams louder, I put him down and walk away, he follows me, and it just keeps going until he sees something that he could get into ( like eating the cat food) and then when I take it away it starts all over again. Add to that my two year old has decided that today is a good day to pick on everyone, no one is safe, the dog, the cats, her brother and sister, me.... usually she is so good, but today, she has pushed everyone's buttons and has a nice scratch across her cheek from the least tolerant of us (clyde the kitty) to prove it. multiple time outs and a nap have yet to solve the problem, and poor maggie actually asked me if she could go and stay at the neighbors until daddy got home. Needless to say that all of my fiber activities for the day have been put on hold, as has school because after the painting fiasco this morning where we got up for a moment to wash our hands and phinny managed to crawl across two rooms, somehow knock a thing of paint off of the kitchen table and paint himself turquoise in the time it took to wash the paint off of our hands at the sink I decided we could do the rest of it tommorrow. That was his first bath, shortly after that he got into the cabinet that someone didn't retie shut and got the lid off the cinnamon and spilled it EVERYWHERE!!! You have no idea how much cinnamon is in one of those litttle jars! So we took another bath. I am ready for bed and I've got hours to go. I have more than once seriously contemplated crawling under my computer desk to hide. Right now they are running and crawling at top speed back and forth through the kitchen and living room screaming at full volume and giggling and while my head aches and my sinuses hurt and I would like it to stop but I am afraid to tell them too because at least they aren't destroying anything right now. I still have a ton of alpaca and angora that I have dyed up and need to pick out the vm and post it. Maybe I'll get it done after the monsters fall asleep.
On a more positive note, I tried something new in the bunny shed that seems to be working really well, I started putting thier handfuls of hay in the door when I shut it so that it is accessable to them but it isn't all over the bottom of thier cages. It gets shut in the door and they can pull as much as they want through and now I know exactly who is eating thier hay and how much, not to mention there's not near as much waste. All the buns are doing well and buttercream is just about ready to be plucked. And in a few days I will try to feel around and see if cass is for sure pregnant! I hope so, I really, really want some baby bunnies!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friendly ghost and other stuff

Well all the stuff I dyed up the other day is just about dry and I am posting it as I notice that it's completely done. I've gotten a spin a yarn kit up and I am working on another. I posted the yarn that I spun from the friendly ghost batt. Yesterday we went out and scrubbed every inch of the bunny shed, the cages, the walls, the floor, everything. It took about 4 hours because I wanted to be thorough and it is so nice and clean now! I had been putting it off but it was totally worth the effort. Trying to finish up xmas shopping but I've had some issues figuring out what to get my little phinny... What do you buy an 11 month old? He likes to eat.... He likes to put things inside of other things..... He REALLY likes to swim in our giant dog water bowl, other than that his sisters and I keep him pretty entertained and I really don't like many of the toys that I have seen and what I do like is so overpriced! Feeling uninteresting today, my whole kitchen table is once again piled high with wool and I am slowly getting it pictured, posted, packaged, and put away. There just aren't enough hours in the day and the weather has been cold and wet and unmotivating. Maybe I just need more coffee. Oh well, today was good even if I didn't finish too much. The girls are perfect, phinny is a five tooth owning, smiling little monster, my bunnys are snug in thier shed and the husband does not have to work tommorrow which means that I can beg and plead and get him to sit down and help me pick the vm out of the alpaca I just finished washing (not his favorite activity). A few more days and we will start baking and that is always so much fun and then the holidays will be over and I can relax and just enjoy the winter weather and the opportunity to sit around and spin, or play with the kids, or just bum around in my robe and slippers all day because it's cold and the garden doesn't need me.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not too much

Not too much going on, my little terrorists have been keeping me pretty busy but today I got our water bottles and food bowls sterilized and hopefully when I clean cages tommorrow I will scrub down and sanitize cages. I got another one of my girls plucked today and it's some pretty good stuff, will hopefully get it in the shop in the next few days. I have a bunch of angora that I am getting ready to dye up in neat colors and some alpaca in white and black and... actually I have a room (yes, a whole room) of stuff that I should be posting... but I am sooo lazy! I have started crocheting again, it's been a long time since I messed with it but as usual I put it down for a few months and when I pick it up again I somehow have improved. I actually hadn't planned to do anything but spin for a while but the other day I ordered a set of bamboo crochet hooks from 8seasonknitting. They are shorter than most of the hooks that I've seen but not by too much, the perfect size to stick in a purse or something and I really like them, they are smooth and wonderful and inspiring! I plan on ordering another set because these were actually supposed to be a gift but the shipping was surprisingly quick so it shouldn't be a problem. trying to decide what recipes I want to add to the list this x-mas. We have our staples: white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies, eggnog cookies, buckeyes, caramels, butter mints, cakey bites, and margarita balls and every year I like to try something new to mix it up a bit but this year my neighbor (and most favorite person in the world) and I are going to split the cost and make goodie bags for her family and friends too which means that I can try at least 2-3 new things !!! Now, she's not really the baking type but it will still be nice to have help with all the clean up and such and I am thrilled about the new recipe options, I am considering some sort of chocolate drizzled/or flavored carmel corn/popcorn ball things, and a bunch of stuff that I've seen on etsy has been inspirational but I have decided that this year I absolutely have to have an apron. I'm serious, I've never been an apron type of girl but it's become a thing and now I just feel like I need one. Funny thing is, every time that I find one that I like and add it to my favorites list to come back and look at later so that I can make sure that I love it, it ends up getting sold. Oh well, just gives me more excuse to shop...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bunny's on the way!

Well, I had tried to breed my favorite English doe and my Satin buck but she wasn't willing and I've always wondered if maybe he wasn't just a few fries short of a happy meal so it just didn't happen. So last night I decided to throw grumpy old Cass in with my Sam and see what they thought about it. Sammy is such a good boy! and it is always so comical to watch. I was jumping up and down and clapping and yelling yea sammy! and Cass was none too pleased but the deed is done and I will now be expecting a litter of purebred, pedigreed french on Jan. 2nd. Cass is a broken and Sam is a siamese sable with brokens in his background so I ought to get some colorful bunnies out of these too. I only have cage space for five more grown ones so if the litter is bigger than that I will have babies for sale at some point. Other than that I have not accomplished much, I am supposed to try out a new cresent roll recipe tonight, I am supposed to clean the house, I am supposed to pluck a rabbit, I don't really feel like doing any of it today. It is noon and I am still in my robe. I was planning on getting some more angora dyed up, and maybe some more spinning done, or some of the mountains of fiber washed.