Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So what have I been doing?

So much has been going on here! My poison ivy finally seems to be going away so I got back to wool stuff today along with the garden/yard stuff too. I took tons of pictures today as I worked around the yard going from project to project. First is wool, today I got three new fleeces into the tubs, first an awesome suri type llama fleece, then a jacob, and lastly a super crimpy wonderful merino. I managed to dry four other fleeces that I finished plus a bunch of dyed goodies.

Next, we worked on the baby retaining wall that we are building to stop our yard from pouring into our driveway every time it rains. Before we could start we had to dig up all of the bulbs that were there. This is what 1220 (mostly daffodil) bulbs looks like.

and the first layer of our wall. I think we'll probably only do the first layer this year and as soon as we get it down I'll be able to replant all of the bulbs, We're also planting lilacs and peony here this year, and next year it will get a little more attention.

We're also working on our vegetable garden, we've got four raised beds built and we're in the process of filling them up with good dirt. Maggie and I are working on building a fence around the garden out of last years emergency plant stakes and scrap boards that were in the burn pile to keep the chickens and quackers out, since they are all now officially free range for the better part of every day.

We have six flower beds in various stages of progress at the moment, with plans for two more in the near future (and probably a good handful more after that)Right now we're adding gladiolus, iris, and a few other small things to fill in some of the bare spots later this summer. I'm still a few years away from being completely happy with any of them, but I am definitely happier with them this year than I was last year.

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